Thursday, September 27, 2012

dear universe.

you knew that mark and i were starting a certain-dvd-based-excercise-program-that-shall-remain-nameless-because-i-said-i-wouldnt-mention-it-for-a-while and its coordinating meal plan. some may even go so far as to call it a diet. you knew that this meant that i was swearing off the sweet stuff for a while. you knew that this would be hard for me, the girl who has been known to snack indiscriminately on anything from skittles to oreos to jellybeans to nutella-covered-marshmallows and anything inbetween.

i decided this would be good for me. i told myself i could do it.

but seriously universe?! what gives? i decide to stop eating sugar and sweets and treats, and you go and reward my health-conscious choices with not one, but FOUR parties in a week!??  thats just cruel. do you even know the pain it has caused me to turn down ice cream cake, toffee bars, bridal shower cake, chocolate chip cookies (twice!), brownie cookies, chocolate chunk brownies, pumpkin roll, AND ultimate chocolate birthday cake? all in the past 5 days!!?!

we are fighting. (but not really please dont strike me dead with lightning)

love always, Mando

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