Monday, September 17, 2012

meal plan monday: sept 17.

recent happenings that drive me crazy:
- a chirping cricket in the master bathroom: impossible to ignore.
   (as opposed to crickets by the front door, which are annoying, but ignorable)
- time we got a wake-up call from the cricket in the bathroom : 12:10am.
- time Mark caught and killed that dang cricket: 12:40am.

recent happenings that make me smile:
- song currently playing over the intercom at work: Baby Got Back.

turns out life isnt all that bad, even for a Monday. lets just hope that things dont go south when it comes time to do the grocery shopping.

Monday: veggie omelets and roasted potatoes. (and the p90x fit test)
Tuesday: frozen raviolis and jar sauce.
Wednesday: crock pot minestrone soup. (recipe)
Thursday: broiled fish, steamed broccoli. (recipe-ish) (p90x day 1)
Friday: turkey burgers. (recipe)
Saturday: grilled chicken, spinach salad. (recipe)
Sunday: zuchinni, black bean, and rice skillet. (recipe)

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