Monday, September 10, 2012

meal plan monday: sept 10.

Some semi-notable things about this weekend: (in lazy list form)
- Mark made a bunch of progress on the bathroom. and still managed to mow the grass too. he's pretty awesome. more on the bathroom project tomorrow.

- i killed the most giant cricket i have ever seen in my house because Mark was too busy to come to my rescue. i sucked it up with the vacuum cleaner and then refused to touch the vacuum for the rest of the weekend because i was scared the cricket would crawl back out.

- i started painting some art for the dining room. i accidentally painted the first canvas sideways and i hated it. but now i think they're going to turn out pretty well.

- we ordered p90x and plan to do the workouts together. i'll be sure to let you know how that turns out.

- last night, while staring into the empty abyss of our fridge, Mark asked me if i would mind going grocery shopping today. guess that means its time for a new plan.

Monday: zuchinni, black bean, and rice skillet. (recipe)
Tuesday: crock pot beef burgundy (recipe)
Wednesday: fish with corn on the cob.
Thursday: frozen raviolis.
Friday - Sunday: camping. its gonna be in tents.
(yes its still hilarious. every. single. time.)

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