Monday, September 24, 2012

meal plan monday: sept 24.

has anyone else noticed that lately this blog has turned into nothing but meal planning, bathroom updates,  and pictures of sunrises sprinkled with an annoying smattering of p90x*? does it bug you at all, or is it just me? some days, i feel a little bad about not having a ton of fresh new blog fodder every week. other days, i figure that this is our life right now, and i'm just documenting it the way it is and i dont have to pretty it up, or pretend that we are exciting just because i choose to chronicle our lives on the internets.

case in point: this weekend. we did some laundry and dishes. we worked out, a lot. we went to a birthday party but we did not eat any cake. i spent a wonderful afternoon just sitting on a friend's couch. mark worked a little bit in the bathroom, i did a little painting, the grass got mowed. and i had to physically stop myself from taking a picture of the sky at least 3 times, and found myself talking about p90x way more than i meant to.

and somehow, in the midst of all of that exicting excitement in our lives, we still manage to find time to make and eat food. here's what we will be eating this week:

Monday: zuchinni, black bean, and rice skillet. (recipe)
Tuesday: chilled cucumber soup. (recipe-ish)
Wednesday: crock pot italian turkey meatballs (recipe)
Thursday: citrus herb chicken on spinach salad.
Friday: tilapia with steamed broccoli.
Saturday: crock pot chicken enchilada soup. (recipe)
Sunday: veggie omelets and roasted potatoes.

*i just have this one more thing to say about p90x and then i promise i wont mention it again for awhile: this shiz is HARD. the first two workouts made me cry, and for a second i thought i might actually die. not eating sugar is NO FUN, especially at a birthday party. i have discovered muscles i didnt even know i had until now because they are all SO SORE. and i take back every mean thought i've ever had about yoga because it has knocked me on my butt several times. BUT. working out with mark is fun. i love that i have my own special weightlifting gloves. and four workouts in, i've already lost two pounds. so yeah. i think i'll keep going.

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