Wednesday, August 22, 2012

all on the table.

the last time i shared my dining room with y'all, it was looking something like this: freshly painted, tiny table, mostly empty.

but as of last night, the dining room is looking more like this: shazam!

don't mind me, i'll just be over here jumping up and down and squealing with delight.

so as you can see, we've made a few changes. the mirror turned white, which went against pretty much everybody's vote, but i think that i like it. it keeps everything on the top half of the room feeling light and airy, while letting the dark brown stripes keep the room grounded from below. plus, i like that the light mirror frame lets our wedding-gift candle sconces be the stand out feature on that wall.

the rug is from IKEA, and i think it makes one of the biggest differences in this space by breaking up the hardwood that runs through most of the house. the three canvasses on the other wall were ones that i originally bought way back when i had my own apartment and then never did anything with, so they had just been chilling in a craft box in the basement for a few years. i still need to decide what to paint on them, but i figured inspiration might strike a little sooner if i am staring at their blankness all the time instead of ignoring them in a box.

but the real star of this show is obviously our new dining room set! we ordered our gorgeous new table and chairs from an online Amish furniture company, and they are wonderful. (the delivery company, not so much, but i'm choosing not to focus on the negative right now) every piece of furniture is chunky and heavy and solid and so smooth and i'm in love i'm in love and i dont care who know it!

i never realized just how tiny our old table was until we got this big guy in here - he really fills the room perfectly without feeling crowded (note: i wasnt sure if the table was a boy or girl until just now: its a boy!) the six chairs we got will be more than enough most of the time, but we also got two leaves so the table can expand up to 8 feet and seat up to 10 people.

is it weird that i kind of want to spend all my free time just sitting at the table, not necessarily to eat, but just to stroke its smooth, soft table top and run my hands around all its lovely curves? yes? well, it's my table and i'll do what i want to. because seriously: soooo soft and smooth...

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