Wednesday, January 2, 2013

a new year of non-resolutions.

well, here we are in a brand new year. brand-spankin'-new. nothing on the calendar but pure, unadulturated potential. this year could be anything and everything. i am so excited.

it turns out i really liked the way i handled resolutions last year: as non-resolutions. just a list of random things that i thought i might like to do. so i made a new list for this year. since this is the year that will go down in history as the one in which i turned the big two-six, there are twenty-six things on my list. these are not the only things that i hope to do in 2013, but they are the first ones that popped in my head and got written down.

several of the items on this year's list are leftovers from last year's list that didn't get done in 2012, but are things that i would still like to do. some are big and will take all year. some are smaller and should be pretty simple. i could probably sort them into categories like personal, professional, home, and health. or take time to prioritize them and put them in some sort of order. but i'm not going to. so here they are all a-jumble: just the way i like them. 

run a 5k. have pretty flower beds. finish reading the Lord of the Rings trilogy & watch the movies with the hubs. go skiing. get real curtains on my windows. have regular personal time with God. ride my bike. a lot. maintain my weight. finish Mansfield Park. read more non-fiction books. clean out my closet. make my marriage a priority. go to the dentist. close my other bank account. put new music on my iPod. go to Wyoming. apply for the PE exam. organize the craft corner. do a pull up. take more pictures of me and Mark together. finish Mark's quilt. get a sewing machine. go to the beach. split the guest room back into two. implement a new budget. try at least one new healthy recipe per month.

so here we go - new year, new list, all awesome.


Brenda's Man said...

Go get 'em darling! You can do it! Although I feel like a bit of a failure as a father letting you leave my house w/o reading The Lord of the Rings. I got Alex his own copy of The Hobbit so I'm getting better. Love you!
PS- be sure to get to that WY one Ok?

Amanda said...

you are far from a failure, Daddy-O! love you!