Tuesday, January 15, 2013

meal plan (tues)day: jan 15.

no worries mom, we ARE eating this week.

it just turns out that the monday after a 4-day vacation weekend has the tendency to be a little full - what with the bags to unpack, laundry to do, and you know that whole actually going to work thing, i didnt quite make it around to meal planning the entire week yesterday. instead, i made just enough of a plan to make it through dinnertime, and then i sat down on the couch with the hubs and watched the second half of the Two Towers.

priorities: i obviously have them.

Monday: penne with meat sauce.
Tuesday: soup from a can.
Wednesday: crock pot chicken tacos. (recipe)-ish
Thursday: citrus herb chicken with rice.
Friday: Meg's fish packets. (recipe)
Saturday: turkey burgers. (recipe)
Sunday: pasta in vodka sauce (jar sauce, that is)


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Meg said...

hope the fish packets turn out good for you! :-) And I would love the recipe for the citrus-herb chicken, sounds amazing!