Monday, January 7, 2013

meal plan monday: jan 7.

i think this might be the easiest week i have ever had the pleasure to meal plan, since we're taking a post-holiday mini-vacation this week/weekend. you know, it turns out we really liked the three-day-work-week-paired-with-a-four-day-weekend combo, and we decided that two in a row we got for Christmas and New Years just didnt quite cut it. so we're heading out right after work on wednesday, and not coming home until sometime sunday, which means i only have two dinners to really plan. no leftovers needed. minimal grocery shopping to be done. this is the LIFE, y'all!

so the good news is that meal planning and grocery shopping are officially non-stressors this week. unfortunately, the bad news is that they have more than been replaced with the terror that is packing. ugh.

Monday: fish, rice, and a veggie.
Tuesday: grilled cheese with tomato soup. (finally the last day of p90x!)
Wednesday - Saturday: skiing with the in-laws.
Sunday: soup from a can.

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