Thursday, January 17, 2013

just a dash.

my sister didnt believe that it was possible to buy fresh cilantro by the quarter-ounce. before tuesday, i didnt know this was possible either. i thought it only came by the bunch and i was doomed to either plan tons of recipes in a row that all used cilantro, or end up throwing away the majority of the fresh herbs i bought because i couldnt use them all in time.

well, overabundant herbs beware! you are no match for my grocery store skillz and single-serving cilantro! you doubt? a demonstration!

more convenient? yes. more expensive? also yes. i'm thinking that the ultimate solution to my fresh-herb conundrum might involve trying my hand again at growing an herb garden and praying that my black thumb doesnt doom it to being a pile of dead sticks like the oregano...

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