Friday, January 23, 2015

kitchen diary: week 3, reconstruction.

Jan. 12 - Mark finishes removing hardwood floor in dining room after work.  Amanda works out, makes tacos for dinner in her temporary kitchen, and does the dishes. she feels like this is a pretty major accomplishment.

Jan. 13 -  meet electricians, drywall guy, and hardwood finisher to talk layout and have them see what they're getting into.
Amanda's evening is spent finishing C's christmas present - a reversible Frozen dress-up apron. so stinkin' proud of this thing. look at those pleats!

Jan. 14 -  new kitchen wall gets built - the lone interior wall in this entire space.  it is lovely. Mark does three pull-ups on the new door frame just to prove he can. Amanda attempts one but mostly just hangs there.

Jan. 15 -  Amanda browses light fixtures online and orders tile samples from Lowes. having trouble finding the same tile in two shades of gray for the checkerboard floor. fingers crossed for these ones because they look really promising online.

Mark caps water lines, removes old kitchen sink, last two kitchen cabinets, and remaining drywall and floor.

temporary basement kitchen is dismantled to provide contractors access to drop ceiling in the basement. order pizza for dinner. Amanda's evening is spent finishing Christmas presents while Mark packs and goes to bed early.

 Jan. 16 -  plumber roughs in pipes for new kitchen sink.  old kitchen window removed and walled over. Amanda browses kitchen faucets online at lunchtime and narrows it down to two.
after work, Amanda panic-packs for the weekend and we hit the road to Gram's house.

Jan. 17 -  HVAC guy begins work - moves thermostat, vents, and returns. 
we spend the day snuggling baby Levi and celebrating Christmas and Gram's 80th birthday with family. we laugh and laugh and never stop eating.

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