Monday, January 26, 2015

kitchen diary: week 4, windows and electrical.

Jan. 19 -   contractor/uncle removes old dining room window, creates new kitchen window opening. Mark spends an evening pulling nails out of removed hardwood and gets about halfway through the stack. Amanda binge-watches Parks and Rec on Netflix and does the dishes.

Jan. 20 -  electrical work begins, outlets added and extraneous wires removed or relocated.

HVAC guy adds a couple more vents, closes old returns. new window is installed!!! it is beyond beautiful and the perfect size and will have a nice deep sill. phone chat in the evening with contractor/uncle about electrical layout and a couple other things.

pick up several test cans of stain for hardwood. tile samples from Lowes and Daltile arrive. soclose to decisions on floor tile and countertop.

current state of temporary basement kitchen is sad and pathetic.

Jan. 22 - chat with electrician and contractor/uncle to finalize the electrical layout. lights, outlets, and switch locations are all decided after much deliberation.  decision is made for the floor tile and countertops.  begin seriously looking at light fixtures and paint colors for the new space.

Jan. 23 - electricians finish drilling holes and running wire for lights, and installing outlets and switches.  plumber installs water line for the fridge and finishes rough-in. drywall delivered!

Jan. 24 - all attempts at finding a place to donate dishwasher and dining room window fail.  apparently no one wants dishwashers that are more than 5 years old or windows that have been previously installed. also, no one will pick them up from our house.  whatever. old stove and refridgerator get moved out to the driveway to be picked up for recyling. the hunt continues for the perfect chandelier and paint color and any sort of idea as to what we should do with the old dining room window. Craigslist maybe?

Jan. 25 - last of the cabinets transported to Mark's parents house, where they are being reused in the new garage workspace. remaining nails pulled from removed hardwood. Stains and poly applied to sample floorboard. Still need to make a decision about that. so many decisions. so many good things. so easy to lose sight of how good all of this really is in the midst of basement dwelling and dusty everything.

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