Wednesday, January 21, 2015

kitchen diary: weeks 1 and 2, demolition.

Dec. 29 -  took down and packed up Christmas decorations after work. cleaned and organized the basement.

Dec. 30 -  cleaned and organized the guest room after work. assembled bed frame. began moving furniture into basement and guest room.

Dec. 31 -  came home from work today to a construction zone. Mark took the day off work to get started on the demolition and officially kick off this whole kitchen renovation extravaganza.  the wall between the front room and the fireplace room is completely gone. he has been dying to get rid of that wall since the day we moved in.
in bed and asleep by 11:45pm. Happy New Year!


Jan. 1 -  no work today. celebrated Christmas with Mark's family instead!

Jan. 2 -  Amanda went out for coffee and to run errands with Nadine.  Mark continued demo - kitchen cabinets, kitchen walls, and half of dining room drywall all removed. dumpster delivered, dead mouse discovered under kitchen cabinet. Mark got a drywall nail stuck in his shoe, but it did not go through to his foot. worked until after midnight. Mark's back is very stiff and sore.

Jan. 3 -  moved the rest of the furniture into the hallway, basement, and guest room. met with contractor/uncle about layout and to give him a house key.  removed other half of dining room drywall.  Amanda loaded the dumpster while Mark removed the old tile floor. a car jack was involved. Mark's back is still very sore.

Jan. 4-10 -  Mark's back feels better enough to go skiing with his family in Showshoe, WV. because it is totally logical to plan major renovations and week-long vacations at the same time.

Jan. 11 - Mark moves the fridge into the basement with the help of his brother's friend. there was no way my wimpy little self was helping to heft that thing around. bought a tiny microwave and hot plate. organized temporary kitchen in the basement. Mark removes hardwood floor in old dining room. old kitchen sink remains in place for now because shut-off valves don't work. demolition is done-enough for parts of the kitchen to start being put back together again.

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