Monday, June 20, 2011

dear Dad.

i'm sorry i wasn't there this weekend to give you a big hug and wish you a Happy Father's Day. i'm sorry that i couldnt give you your present in person (but i hear that its coming in the mail today! yay for extended holidays!) i'm sorry that i interrupted your lunch yesterday when i called, even though you swore it wasnt really an interruption. i'm sorry that i have to wait another 39 days til i can see you again. its been WAY too long.

and i'm sorry if that paragraph made you cry.

but i wanted to tell you what i did this weekend in your honor: i cleaned out my car. i took out all the trash that had been riding around on the floor. i cleaned all the spare change out of the bottom of the cupholders. i took random things inside that don't need to live in my car. and i put them away. i took the floormats out and laid them on the driveway and vaccumed EVERYTHING. i wiped down the dashboard with Armorall wipes. i even windexed the windows.

and then i did the same thing to my husband's car. i even vacuumed out his trunk.

and i knew that you would be proud of me.

but then, the inside of the cars were too clean for their grubby exteriors. so i got a bucket, sponge, some soap, and the hose and washed the outside. and then i dried it with my brand new shammy. because that's just how its done, ya know?

i love my clean-like-new-again car. and i love you more for teaching me how to take care of it.
see you in 39 days!


Abi said...

Because the jobs not done till the outside is clean... We have a great dad. :)

Brenda's Man said...

I may be slow at keeping up with all the blog posts, but I do, and I simply couldn't be prouder of you all. I am blessed beyond what I deserve. I love you so much.
I have been and always shall be your Dad. (just to infuse a little Star Trek to help me stop crying!)