Tuesday, June 14, 2011

tour the grounds.

i just wanted to share some pictures of pretty things that are currently or at one point were growing around my house.

the rose bush in the front yard has been consistently pretty all spring.

at one point these flowers under the tree out front were all pretty and pink. they bloomed all at once, and appear to be done now.

i dont know what this is. but it had a flower, so i took a picture.

i am a little sad i dont have a better shot of these guys. they're all on their own in the front flowerbed.

Mark discovered these purple beauties while mowing the grass one day. you can really only fully see them if you stand in the far back corner of the yard and look back towards the house. they're kind of hidden by the hydrangea bush.

these marigolds are the only thing in my flowerbeds that i have planted. they were a gift from the hubs for no real reason other than that he thought i would like them. shortly after this picture was taken, i accidentally watered them with bleach water. no word yet on if any have actually managed to survive.

i have two lavender bushes. a rabbit lives in one. they both attract bees.

hydrangeas! i cant wait to cut some of these for a vase in the house.

here you can see one of the purple flowers fighting to be seen through the other hydrangea bush in the backyard.

there are a few scraggly looking rosebushes out back below our bedroom window that grow the most massive roses.

these purple cone-flowers came up right around where i planted my ill-fated love-marigolds.

and most recently, we planted some strawberries in a hanging planter! we're hoping that the birds dont just eat them all before we get a chance to cuz they're looking pretty yummy...

all in all, its a pretty lame tour, but its what i've got. mostly just whatever the previous homeowner had planted that managed to survive the winter, mixed with just a few things we've added cuz we couldnt resist! but we'll have to wait and see if they can survive my perpetually brown thumb...

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Miss Brenda said...

If I lived closer I would come over and help yu in your flower beds and tour the grounds with you and ewww and aaaahh over your lovely flowers. And I would come back after dark with my bucket and shovel and steal the purple clematis away and give it a proper home. LOve you.