Saturday, June 11, 2011

friday night fun.

if i had to describe last night with just one word, it would be:

apparently the J-ville Lions club puts on a carnival for one week every summer, so we decided to go this year. and we invited friends! 

as soon as we pulled into the parking lot (also known as the field between the hardware store and the car dealership) we were struck by the fact that its kind of funny how these things dont change. there were the same rides, the same music, the same teenage girls dressed in skimpy clothes that have been at carnivals since the days of middle school. and somehow, thats all just part of the charm of the carnival.

the first thing we did was eat some dinner, carnie style: hot dogs, corn dogs, cheeseburgers, fries, soda, and a strawberry smoothie. it really doesn't get much better than that. absolutely scrumptious. the only disappointment was that there was no sign of funnel cakes anywhere. 

we rode some classic carnival rides until we were dizzy and nauseous and couldnt see straight. but luckily none of us had the misfortune of yakking on (or after) a ride.

we did save some tickets for the much calmer, more iconic ferris wheel. because a carnival just wouldnt be the carnival without one. and just to round out the whole experience, we even got spit on while waiting in line!

after all our ride tickets were gone, we got some ice cream for dessert. Mark claims that there is nothing better than a chocolate soft-serve cone, but i prefer mine twist-style, just like i used to get from the Ranger.

we stayed and people-watched until it got dark. i'm a little sad i didnt manage to get a picture of the guy with the live snake around his waist. at first i thought it was just a stuffed prize from one of the games! we're still not sure if he was actually working the carnival, or just a guy who saw a good opportunity for his pet snake to get a little taste of classic Americana.

we spent the rest of the evening in our backyard hanging out around a fire. it was the first fire we've had in the fire bowl that i got Mark for Christmas. and i must say it was a pretty darn good one.

if the past week of 90+ degree days wasn't enough to make us believe that summer is here to stay, it definately feels like it now. and we're really looking forward to lots of perfect summer evenings like this one full of good fun, food, and friends. 


Miss Brenda said...

I remember when you rode your first ferris wheel. At the Spartansburg Fair. You didn't find it so calm then.
Excellent summmer adventure. Thanks for sharing. Love you.

the indians and pirates said...

Looks like a fun one! Thanks for giving us the heads up on it, too. We did ride a rickety merry-go-round while in B-more, so there was a slight taste of carnival fun... Our big carnie is next week, and my boys CAN NOT WAIT.