Friday, June 10, 2011


that is to say, me and my little Sophie are a veritable magnet for idiot drivers. its like they are all in cahoots and come out in droves to surround us every time we go out: people who pass on the right, jerks who drive painfully slow in the left lane, people who are chronically unable to understand the concept of merging, and ESPECIALLY those who, while stuck in a line-up of cars waiting to merge onto the highway, worried only about their own desire to getwherethey'regoingrightnow! and without any regard for other people's need to get to their destinations, well, ALIVE, decide to jump out of line and speed around two cars in front of them who were just about to safely merge in front of a BIG truck but who now have to floor it to avoid being rear-ended by said GIANT truck and cause the carload of their companions behind them to fear for their lives and pray that the HUGE semi doesnt jack-knife and kill them all.

because apparently its EXTRA FUN for the idiot drivers to target me and poor little Sophie on the few occasions that i have other people in the car.
i guess you get extra points for mulitple deaths.

Dear Idiot Drivers:
perhaps you should consider playing just a little less Grand Theft Auto. 

Love Always,

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