Thursday, June 30, 2011


so. once upon a time, a little over two years ago, i graduated from college. i packed up all my stuff into my little cavalier and set off on a little big trip. there was no plan, and no real destination, just a girl and her stuff (and a map! not even a GPS!) traveling wherever life took me. we hit Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, South Dakota, and Wyoming. it was the life of a vagabond, and it was pretty sweet.

i kept the people who cared updated through my blog whenever i had internet connection. just little tidbits to let them know i was still alive and well. hardly ever any pictures due to the unfortunate misplacement of my camera cord for long periods of time.

this post was one of those updates. just words, no pictures, not even really all  that much interesting stuff to share. and yet, this is my most popular post of all time. it has 50 views in the past month, and 430 all time. that's over 300 more views than my second-most popular post from when i had to give my engagement ring back to get resized.

this makes no sense to me. is there someone out there with the answer? is there some secret reason that this post is interesting to people? was it the giveaway* that never really panned out? or perhaps someone out there has this particular page bookmarked as a way to find my blog? (and checks my blog with astounding frequency?) am i missing something here?

if you have the answer, please let me know. i promise i won't be mad or anything. i'm really just very curious.

* oh hey, do you still want those peeps Aunt Nancy? they're probably good and stale by now...


Tom said...

You never came to see me... lol

I'm just shocked you used the word "frequency". lol

nancyann said...

You gave me the peeps and we roasted them over an open fire on the first of September. Not something I would recommend doing...they don't 'marsh' at all.

AmiDawn said...

oh. well then i don't know when i got the peeps i have now... maybe they're fresher than i thought!

Abi said...

You took the peeps from my house. I do believe they belong to a member of Aunt Nancy's family as well. :)
Sad about them not being good to roast... but I bet they were cute peaking out of a smore?