Friday, July 22, 2011


i'm running out of words to say about this project. and i'm just guessing that you're kind of tired of reading words about this project. that's why i went a whole week without mentioning it. arent you so proud of me? did you even notice?

but even though the gargantuan project we are currently in the middle of has not been mentioned lately, we have still been working on it, so here. have a pic of the fireplace room (taken with my back to the sliding glass doors) after two coats of primer to cover up the new smooth ceiling and the old half-green walls.

so much better already. now just try and imagine how nice it's going to look after we paint the trim a crisp almost-white, add two coats of white ceiling paint, and two coats of this color on the walls:

(this is Haze ICC-22 by Behr, in case that's the kind of thing you need to know)

so that's where we are. the color is picked, but the paint is not yet bought so i still have the opportunity to change my mind at least three more times and re-consider stripes or a blue accent wall or a colored ceiling before deciding once again that yes, this is the right color. i think.


Brenda's Man said...

I'm a little hazy on that color...consider an accent wall - your mother would choose green of course!

AmiDawn said...

i considered green but then ruled it out since the front room and the dining room are both going to be green. and since we have green furniture right now.

Abi said...

I vote subtle stripes on the ceiling... or the walls... or all of it?