Tuesday, January 24, 2012


have you ever had one of those experiences where something that initially seems like the opposite of normal slowly integrates itself into your life over time to the point that you no longer notice it as being abnormal but rather it's become the new normal? how about then when things go back to the original normal and all of a sudden what is normal seems like it is wierd and out of the ordinary? anyone have a clue what i'm talking about? just me?

ok, i'll give you a real life example to clarify. so we've been living without doors on the basement stairs or our two hall closets for a couple months. we took them down when we started painting in the front room and the hallway back in November because we were going to give them a quick coat of paint and some new hardware, and then throw them right back up all quick and easy-peasy-like. except for it wasn't quite as quick as we originally thought (is it ever?) and so we were just a little doorless for a while.

and you know what? it wasn't so bad. i mean sure, anyone who's come over in the past 2 months now knows exactly how many coats we own and what brand of toilet paper we prefer (7 of mine, 2 of Marks, and Charmin Basic in case you were curious) but it was actually kind of nice to be able to go up and down the basement stairs without having to worry about the extra step of dealing with a door. and since we don't have any lil kiddos running around we didn't have to worry about them getting into things or falling down the stairs. in short, we got used to our semi-doorless way of living.

until last week. when the doors went back up. i had kind of forgotten what the space looked like without the dark, gaping, empty doorways showing off all our clutter. it looks... clean. bright. and just a little wierd. but i'm sure i'll get used to it again soon enough.

so now we only have two doors left in the main level of the house that still need some sprucing - the guest bathroom door, and the front door. (and i guess technically the sliding glass door too, but that's gonna take more than just some paint so i count it more like a window) all in good time though. slow and steady is the name of the game around our house - one room, and one project at a time.

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