Friday, January 13, 2012


my car needed an oil change, so i took her to the garage.

an oil change turned into new wiper blades, a new air filter, and a patch for a leaky tire.

a patch for a leaky tire turned into a corroded tire pressure monitor so come back tomorrow.

a corroded tire pressure monitor turned into needing to reset all four monitors turned into a trip to the dealership.

the trip to the dealership turned into having three recalls on my vehicle. one was for the screws that hold my rearview mirror onto my car. the other two sounded much more involved and i would tell you what they were for except i didn't understand a word that nice woman said to me.

it started as an oil change, and ended 5.5 hrs and $300 later.

all because a little bug went KA-CHOO!

perhaps i should think about developing a healthy fear of Friday the 13th.

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