Thursday, January 26, 2012

things i have ordered.

after procrastinating on most of my Christmas shopping right up to the point that i was forced to shop in real stores if i wanted to have any gifts to give, i have rediscovered online shopping. and i am in love. its just so easy! and it's practically like instant gratification! and i get mail! it's a win-win-win situation up in here y'all!

AND THEN there's PayPal, making it even easier to spend my money quickly. i'm so glad i remembered my password! best. thing. evar!

but seriously, who doesn't love getting mail? it's definately near the top of my list of favorite things. and getting fun things in the mail?? even better!!! and since i'm uber generous and thoughtful and WAY over-excited about sharing all this, let me just show you the things i have purchased so far this year: 

a smart cover for my iPad. because its smart. and because i am not, and the cover that i actually originally ordered right after Christmas was a different style and when it came it didn't fit right. it was all my fault. also, this one is green.

 a clear snap-on iPad cover. because i dont want my pretty new iPad to get all scratched up.

protective screen covers for the iPad. because i managed to mess up all three of the first set that i ordered in December. fifth times a charm!

 this cow creamer. because why not?

a 2012 calendar. because i can only live in denial for so long. and because its cute.

a little photo album. and some note cards. because i had a $15 credit at OneKingsLane that my sister was urging me to use. i think somehow she got money out of the deal. i dont really mind though, cuz aren't they cute and fun?

new bite caps for my camelbak water bottle. because instead of cleaning out my old bite cap again, i just chucked it, rendering my water bottle completely useless. and man, i miss my water bottle.

you guys, we're only 26 days into the year. someone please change my PayPal password back to something i can't remember before i spend all of my Europe money on little things that i kinda sorta really need but mostly i just kinda sorta really want.

PS i am going shopping for real on Saturday with Deenie and my BFITW. because i love them and i dont see them enough and they are fun to shop with, and because i need new pants. and if there is one thing that you can't buy online with any amount of certainty, it is pants. wish me luck!

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Abi said...

nope, no money exchanged hands just some cute note cards for you... you are welcome :) plus that creamer - adorable!