Tuesday, January 31, 2012

much too important.

my weekend was almost really terrible.

i wish i could tell you that my friday night meltdown was the result of something big or life-changing or monumental like some terrible, horrible, news. like the loss of a family pet or family member. a car accident. a natural disaster. a reaction to the knowledge that life as i knew it was changing forever. (not that i wish those things would ever happen, but they would make the intensity of my emotional explosion more reasonable)

you guys, it was just a really bad movie.

a really bad movie that the hubs really wanted to watch. and i really wanted him to enjoy it. and i really wanted to enjoy the time we had set aside to just snuggle and be together. and then i felt bad because i spent the first part of the movie putting the finishing sparkly touches on my manicure. and then i didnt really like the movie. and then i had a headache and a sore neck. and then i couldnt find a comfortable way to snuggle. and then i wasnt really enjoying myself. and then i was convinced that i had ruined the entire evening. and then i blew up and actually ruined the evening that, up until that moment, the hubs had been very much enjoying.

there was screaming, and crying, and stomping, and swearing. (mostly by me) and then there was talking, and sitting on the bathroom floor, and more crying, and hugging, and promising to try harder to not bottle up our emotions so much anymore so that these explosion-type meltdowns maybe happen less frequently.

and then we hardly saw each other for the rest of the weekend.

i spent my weekend shopping in State College with my two bestest friends (more on that later) and holding babies at a baby shower, while the hubs spent his weekend puttering around the house and napping and making plans for his garden.

if you look at it from the standpoint of projects completed versus projects left undone, (which is how i have been measuring most of my time lately) this was the least productive and thereby worst weekend i have had in a long time. and yet, it was really one of the best. i spent quality time with quality people. i relaxed and laughed and drank coffee and went out to eat. and i'm really glad that my friday night was a stressful, messy, emotional wreck because it was a very clear indicator that the rest of my weekend needed to be relaxing and fun and full of life. i needed some serious balance, y'all.

because if life is only about projects and deadlines and serious business stuffs, then i want none of it. yawn. bo-ring. i'll take my life with a generous helping of friends and laughter and fun and silliness pleaseandthankyou. life is much too important to be taken too seriously.