Friday, January 27, 2012

too long?

is there some statute of limitations on Christmas decorations? is it a bad thing that we are the last house on our street that still turns their lights on at night? at what point does it go from being fun and festive to being stubborn and just kind of crazy? am i in danger of becoming one of those people who leaves their lights up all year? and would that really be such a bad thing?

well if i am beginning the descent into the realm of year-round-christmas-light redneckery, just know that it's not because i was too lazy to take the lights down, but i decided to leave them up (and keep plugging them in) because they are just so gorgeous and they make me happy. and that goes for the ornaments in the front window too. they're just plain happy.

the hubs thinks i'm kind of crazy. what do you think?


the indians and pirates said...

Not crazy at all! Toby and I couldn't bear to see it all go, so we still have christmas lights on the kitchen window sill and a small christmas tree with just "snow" ornaments as a compromise. The lights make us happy, too. :)

Abi said...

There are Christmas lights in our windows still even though I am no longer allowed (by the HOA) to light them.
We are selling our house and I think of it as a feature to remember... That one crazy house with the Christmas lights in the window.