Thursday, May 10, 2012

ATWABA: a day in Venice

oh, the places we can go to and tell 'em where we've been...

"now we're on the train, in a compartment that reminds me a lot of Harry Potter... i'm really excited about the whole experience, so i'm really hoping that i'll be able to sleep... a couple really long days and really short nights are starting to wear on me."

"made it through the night. it was warm in our car, which was ok with me since it meant that i didnt need to use the provided blankets, which looked skeezy... i dont think i ever want to use a train bathroom ever again! Disgusting with a capital D!"

(then apparently i didnt have a whole lot to say about Venice)

"Venice was sunny. and warm..."

"spent the afternoon wandering the alleys, eating gelato, and shopping..."

"just the idea of building a city on a series of islands and traveling everywhere by boat is very romantic."

"toured the Doge's palace... crossed the Bridge of Sighs into the prison..."

"after dinner we walked to the Rialto bridge and then went back to the hotel for an early night."

it probably only shows a little bit in what little bit of journaling i did about Venice, but that day was a rough one for me. looking back on it, i think it had a lot to do with feeling some sort of pressure to have a really great day, since we only had one. Mark had told me that Venice was his favorite part of HIS senior trip, so i was really looking forward to it. but instead of just relaxing and enjoying being in Venice with my love on the first warm, sunshiney day of the whole trip, i let myself get worked up about all sorts of miniature stressors that really only existed in my head - things like feeling pressured to get good souveniers and gifts for my family when i wasnt especially inspired by any of the stores we walked through, and worry and then guilt about paying way too much for the earrings that i bought myself, and a million other things that i cant even put into words. Mark is pretty much a saint for putting up with me and my particular brand of crazy.

the one shining moment of happy that made me laugh really really hard on the inside was when we were just getting into Venice and waiting for the water taxi to take us the length of the Grand Canal, one of the moms turned to me and said "it's like every time i go to the Olive Garden, i think to myself, 'Italy really does look just like this!'" i couldnt even think of anything to say in response, because all i could think about was the look of horror and disgust that would have been on my Italian BIL's face if she had said that within earshot of him.

i wish we would have had another day in Venice, just to be able to take some more time to relax, maybe wander a little further, and really enjoy the unique atmosphere of a city built on water.

next time.

the things you'll see when you come with me... around the world and back again.

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