Tuesday, May 15, 2012

hard-working hubs.

so... the hubs started a new job last week.

not in addition to his old job, but in place of his old job.

no, he really wasn't really looking to leave his old job. he liked it there just fine.

no, he did not get fired from his old job. he was approached by an old coworker about a new opportunity to do pretty much the same thing in a different place. he considered it, and prayed about it, and decided that he felt that God was leading him in this direction. he actually left his old job on very good terms. so much so that they let part of his two-weeks-notice be a European vacation.

no, it does not seem to make a lot of sense when you look at the facts. his commute has gone from 20 minutes on a bad day to 60 minutes on a good day. (90 if he hits the beltway during rush hour, and i dont even want to try and factor in accidents and bad weather) the difference in pay will probably just cover the increased amount of gas he will use for the longer commute. a longer commute means that he has to wake up and leave much earlier in the morning, and he will most likely no longer be able to do the grocery shopping for me on his way home from work.

he crashed yesterday after his commute home in the rain took 2 hours.

and yet, he is super excited about his new job, and totally ok- if not completely happy- with all of these things.

yes, this is big news for Mark, and will bring with it some changes and adjustments for our little family. we spent a good portion of last week attempting to work out what some of those changes and adjustments might be. this entailed a lot of early mornings, some delicate bathroom-time-management, a few feelings of separation anxiety, and perhaps one instance of me stumbling outside, half-asleep and sans pants.

so, why wait a week to say anything about all this?

well, because i didnt want to jinx anything by telling people too soon. because i still had to tell y'all everything about our vacation. and because talking on the internet about work if you dont actually work on the internet is a tricky thing. i try not to do it. but when i do, (and i know i do because i currently have 14 posts labeled 'work') i put a lot of thought into what can be shared and what should just stay in my head. because even though none of my bosses know about this blog let alone read it, the last thing that i would want is for anything that i have written here (or anywhere else for that matter) to jeapordize our jobs or reputations or those of anyone close to us.

TL;DR version: Mark got a new job. he likes it.

and i like it because he likes it. sure, i kind of miss having him around in the mornings to push me out of bed on the days when i would rather sleep in, but i am so excited for him and so proud of him for taking on this new opportunity with a calculated mix of both careful consideration and reckless abandon. (time will tell if it turns out to also be wreckless...)

i love you hubs. thanks for letting me talk about you on the internets.

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