Friday, May 4, 2012

post-vaca check-in.

so... did anyone notice that it was a little quiet around here the past two weeks? in case you were worried and thinking about sending out a missing-persons report, i was just on vacation. remember now? the hubs and i jumped all over an opportunity to go on a whirlwind tour of 2 countries, to spend time in 4 cities, all in just 10 short days.

so... did anyone miss me? no? yes?! really?!? because i missed you. and i'm not just saying that to make you feel bad about not actually missing me but then lying to me to preserve my feelings. its true. i really wish i could have blogged each day in Europe as it happened, real-time-diary-style, to share the whole experience with you all. and i guess i technically could have used some of the hotel wi-fi to blog a little whenever i had access to it, but 1) i didnt have any way to get my pictures off of my camera and onto my iPad and what good is an update with no pictures, and 2) blogging would have taken up precious moments that i decided were better used sleeping.

long story short: Europe was awesome. and i want to go back. we traveled with good people, we had the most amazing tour guide ever in the history of tour guides, (thats not even an exaggeration) (love you, Ciaran!) and i ate more delicious food than the insane amount of walking we did could burn off. at the end of it all, it was kind of like waking up from a really long dream, except way more exhausting.

 i took 920 pictures, and i dont think i even came close to capturing the trip well. i plan on sharing a lot of those pictures with you, just as soon as i stop being jet-lagged and groggy long enough to make that a priority. but just to tide you over until the more-detailed photo dumps to come, here are some of my more *ahem* candid shots of the trip. (photos of people who are not me or Mark excluded to protect the innocent and their online presence)

Mark's allergies kicked into high gear while traveling.

either excited or terrified of whatever was behind that big door.
stretching, or impersonating a flying buttress. depends on who you ask.

inside the phantom's opera house lobby.

in my defense, at this point i was using my camera as a mirror on the overnight train.

there is no defense for this. its just his natural reaction to having a camera shoved in his face.
 so there you have it: pictures of us in Europe. happy now? no? ok fine i'll share more. later. right now i'm seriously contemplating the feasibility of taking a short nap under my desk for the rest of my lunch hour...

PS happy Star Wars Day! May the Fourth be with you!

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