Monday, May 21, 2012

meal plan monday: may 21.

i am my mother's daughter.

as soon as the weather warms up and sunshine becomes a regular part of my day when i get home from work, i can feel my need to cook large, elaborate meals (or any meals at all, really) just... disappear. suddenly, lunchmeat sandwiches are no longer just for lunches. asking 'have we already gone out for dinner this weekend?' happens on the reg. you want breakfast for dinner? go for it, just as long as you make it yourself! dinners that require multiple steps or dirtying more than one pot or pan? fugghedaboudit.

i know its still technically spring, but it FEELS like summer. case in point: this past weekend, when the hubs and i spent the majority of our days just sitting outside soaking up the sunshine. basically when we weren't outside, we were only inside because the O's were on TV. (or because our laundry room was full of water. more on that later.)

at last Fridays game. i'm guessing the first of many this year.

it was a fantastic, relaxing weekend. which is good, becuase this week is going to be a busy one. most weeks, we have at least one free evening to catch up on everything we didnt accomplish over the weekend, but this week we're busy every. single. night. so feel free to blame another week's worth of lazy meals either on the weather, or on my genes, or my full schedule, but here it is:

Monday: pizza at a church event.
Tuesday: grilled chicken on salad. maybe fries.
Wednesday: fish, rice, and a veggie.
Thursday: whole grain pasta in jar sauce.
Friday - Sunday: Vic's bachelorette weekend in Ocean City!

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