Thursday, May 24, 2012

next on the list.

- read through my Bible.

i downloaded the YouVersion app to my iPad the day after my birthday. i downloaded the ESV Bible yesterday so that i can read it without an internet connection. i signed up for a reading plan this morning. the Eat this Book: One Year Bible with Daily Psalm Reading Plan, to be exact.

i fully expect it to take me more than a year to make it through. its not that i'm excpecting to fail, just that i'm learning to have more reasonable expectations for myself. and that's ok. no pressure on this list, remember? these aren't things i have to do, just things i would like to do.

and i would really like to do this. because there is a lot of good stuff in this Book that i have never read before. pages i have never turned. and even on the pages that i have read multiple times, there are still new truths to be learned and new depths to discover and new thoughts to ponder.

i like this plan. i'm excited to be a part of it.

if you want to be a part of this plan with me, you can find it here


Miss Brenda said...

Really, I am reading your blog, and commenting aloud. Just so you know.

Miss Brenda said...
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Miss Brenda said...

I only removed the comment because I inadvertantly posted it twice. Not because it was inappropriate or anything nasty.

AmiDawn said...

it would have been more believable that you were writing nasty things if you would have deleted the first one, like "your blog stinks" *delete* "i mean i love you"