Wednesday, August 8, 2012

i can't stop painting things.

the latest thing on my painting to-do list (along with the mirror, the bar cart, and my sisters shoes) is our guest bathroom.  this room has been in need of some serious help for a seriously long time. just ask my sister, who recently declared that she is never showering at my house again. yeah, it's bad. we have done a grand total of pretty much nothing with this room since we moved into this house TWO YEARS ago. dont believe me? check out these pictures we took right after we got the keys to the place:

and compare them to these pictures that i just took last week:

can you spot the differences? there's not many. basically we've taken down the wallpaper, changed the lightbulbs, added a shower curtain and a trash can, gotten a better camera, and that's about it. i am so over this room. it is all beige: floor, walls, trim, toilet, tub, EVERYTHING. its no fun, it looks disgusting even when its clean, and i find myself apologizing to guests whenever they have to use it. its about time we tackled this room.

while we would LOVE to do a complete gut-job on this bad boy, i think for the time being we're going to have to be ok with just some minor tweaks: some paint, a new shower curtain, a new light fixture, and a new exhaust fan. this is what is currently floating around in my head:

i have a bunch of paint swatches taped to the bathroom wall, which means i still haven't picked the exact paint color i like the best, but these are my two favorites as of right now. and yes, i know they're super similar and will most likely look exactly the same once they're on the wall, but i still waver back and forth as to which one is The One. I also can't decide which shower curtain is my favorite. the owls are adorable and colorful. the white ruffled one is clean, classic, and ruffly. i like them both. i am a terrible decision maker. the word art was a free printable i found online. i already printed it. its just waiting on a frame, and for me to make a few more decisions.

so there you have it: the beginnings of a plan. and also the first paint post in a while where i'm not actively looking for you to make a decision for me. although if you'd like to voice your opinion you are more than welcome to do so.

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