Tuesday, August 7, 2012

mirror, mirror on the wall.

i had a great weekend, filled with a little bit of everything: a little bit of laundry, a few dishes, some much-needed cleaning of the bathrooms, a saturday morning workout, a liberal dose of spraypaint, several good meals with great friends, a couple hours just chilling in front of the olympics, a new wine rack, a little shopping, a little crafting, and one great yardsale find:

that, my friends, is one GIANT mirror. like 3x4 FEET giant. and i am in love. i have been unofficially hunting for the past couple weeks for a big mirror for my dining room. and suddenly, at the ONE yardsale i randomly decided to stop at on Saturday, there he was. (yes, the mirror is a he.) so after handing over my hard-bartered $20 bill that i had taken out of my husbands wallet that morning, he was in my car and on his way home with me.

Mark was totally excited about the mirror, and simultaneously on a 'let's hang things on the wall!' kick, so by the end of the day that bad boy was hung on the wall. he's got a couple nicks and scratches around the edges, but its nothing a little paint can't fix. which leads me to my favorite dilemma: picking a paint color.

so for the sake of reference for you all to make an informed opinions, here is a picture of the mirror in his current and natural state: (and also a rare sighting of the hubs in his natural state of being a goofball)

my first thought was to paint him white to match the rest of the trim in the house, which would make him look kind of like this:

Mark is kind of partial to the mirror's current black finish, as he thinks the contrast of the dark color against the lighter bright green walls gives him a greater visual prescence in the room. but since the black doesn't quite match the rest of the room, my second thought is to paint him brown to match the stripes under the chair rail:

and then my right-brain got a little bored with the safe, neutral colors that my left-brain was considering, and interjected a bit of color into my decision-making. which brings me to my third thought, which not surprisingly also happens to be my current favorite accent color, turquoise:

this mirror makes me giddy-happy. like stand-in-front-of-the-mirror-grinning-and-giggling-like-a-twitterpated-teenage-girl happy. so i can only imagine how insane-o thrilled i'll be once he's all freshly painted and dapper-looking. but i must ask you all: which color will make him look the most dapper?


Abi said...

I'm with Mark; a darker color. What a find! He's perfect.

Robert Liebhart said...

Why do I now have this vision of getting a postcard in the mail from you that says "It's a girl!"...and has a picture of a new sofa on it?

Also, I like the brown to match the stripes, for what it's worth.

AmiDawn said...

ohmygosh Rob that would be the best postcard EVER!

Dana Welter said...

I, too, am with Mark! A nice smooth, chocolate brown! :)