Monday, August 13, 2012

meal plan monday: aug 13.

another week. another menu. my brain is having trouble coming up with any sort of more interesting commentary at the moment. i don't think i've quite recovered from staying up WAY too late on saturday night at the O's game. it was so late that we left the game early and still didnt make it home until 1am. yeah. so when i found out that they were actually going to be playing baseball after sitting through 3 hours of rain delay, i was feeling pretty much like this:

but since that kind of an attitude is no fun for anyone, and since i love my husband a whole lot more than i like baseball, (and also because i wasn't in charge of the car keys) i decided to at least pretend to be a good sport about it all and put on a happy face:

that level of fakery is exhausting at any time of day. but especially at 1am. (insert transition here) so this is what we'll be eating this week:

Monday: leftovers.
Tuesday: cucumber tomato salad with grilled chicken. (recipe)
Wednesday: chicken gyros. (recipe)
Thursday: buffalo chicken pizza. (recipe)
Friday: tilapia with cucumber salad.
Saturday: grilled cheese sandwiches.
Sunday: pancakes.

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Miss Brenda said...

Lovin your Macayla face. And impressed that both your hands are in your happy face shot. Pretty tricky.