Tuesday, August 28, 2012

someday starts today.

so remember that one time when i told you that we were dreaming of the day when we would be able to completely gut our guest bathroom and rebuild it from the studs, but until then we were planning to stick to the slow and steady baby steps method of home improvement we've been using for the past two years? well i guess you can just go ahead and disregard that whole baby steps thing, because plans have changed.

Mark has decided that right now is as good a time as any to tackle the guest bathroom. and by tackle, i really mean it literally: knock down, drag out, nothing left standing. the entire bathroom is going to be overhauled. new tub, tile, toilet, vanity, light fixtures, fan, paint, trim, everything. (well, i think the mirror might get to stay) we spent a couple hours over the weekend in Home Depot pricing out all the various pieces and deciding on finishes and colors and tile and grout. and i think we came up with a pretty good plan.

this is my most current inspiration picture: 

i dont know if we'll do the board and batten, but i'm really digging the light, bright, semi-beachy feel of this room, and i'm excited to see what a little bit of light and brightness will do to transform our tiny windowless room from its current state of being a depressing den of disgustingness.

the best part of this plan is that is has a definite deadline. if all goes according to plan (and even if it doesnt, there's a little wiggle room built into the schedule) we'll have a brand new gorgeous guest bathroom by the time my family gets here for Thanksgiving! demo is scheduled to start after work today, the first of what i'm sure will be many Depot trips is slated for Saturday, and once again our Labor Day weekend is going to actually be labor-filled

i'll be sure to keep you all updated along the way, since i have a feeling this project has the potential to be quite the adventure.

original bathroom planning post here.

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Abi said...

OH! I am so excited! (and only part of the excitement is selfish) ;)