Friday, December 21, 2012

my other christmas card.

i'm pretty sure that in the past i have claimed that every weekend i spend with my BFITW is the best. weekend. ever. some people might think that i'm exaggerating. but i'm not even.

the highlight of our most recent weekend together was our mostly-annual tradition of picture day! one of these days i'm going to get my act together enough to scan in all of our mostly-yearly pictures (dating all the way back to freshman year!) and write up an attempt to explain this kind of insane tradition, but for now, since i'm knee-deep in holiday crafting madness of the very best kind, you'll have to settle for pictures of our pictures since our online album is not playing nice.

aren't we cute?! 

in the past, we have always gone to the picture place at walmart for picture day, since they usually run some pretty sweet deals. but since the walmart closest to my house doesnt have a picture place, we booked an appointment at a legit photo studio at the mall. (ps i think i have had more professional pictures taken with my BFITW than i have with my own family)

we took full advantage of their offer of holiday backgrounds and even an outfit change, and walked out of there not only with a fantastic picture of us in our cute matching sweaters, but also 15 free christmas cards featuring our tacky holiday sweaters. and heck yes we totally mailed them to some of the most wonderful people people in our lives who completely understand and appreciate our particular brand of awesome.

its a wonderful thing to have a best friend in the world, and i'm so blessed to have found the very very best.


Miss Brenda said...

And as the Goob noted, she's way more fun than your average math teacher.

Abi said...

I;m not gonna lie- I missed the BFF necklaces... did they not match your sweaters?

Amanda said...

Mom - the Goob is so right :)

Abi - we didnt even think of them! picture day fail!

Abi said...

Not a fail- there is always next year. And these pictures were fabulous all on their own