Monday, July 11, 2011

toes in the water, toes in the sand.

 i really have no words to adequately describe the over the top awesomeness of my weekend. so instead of a detailed play-by-play of my Saturday, (from the on-sale beach towels we bought to exactly where and how severely i got sunburned) i present to you the day by way of a series of short letters.

Dear Delaware - thanks for having such great beaches. and thanks especially for clearing up all those clouds about 10 minutes after we pulled into the parking lot. you had us worried there for a little bit, but it turned out to be a gorgeous, cloudless, sunshiney, perfect day for to spend at the beach.

Dear BFITW - i have missed you. i am still just a little sad that you left Maryland, but i am glad that you are having fun back home in PA. thanks for always being my best friend even though we live far apart now. i am sorry that we didnt get our matching tattoos when you came to visit this weekend. i hope the matching beach towels made up for it a little bit. thanks for waking up early and staying up late every day this weekend in order to fully cram each day full of as much fun as possible. you're the best.

Dear Deenie - thanks for suffering the extreme hardship of your third beach weekend in a row to spend the day with us! i'm so glad that we met in college and that you're so much fun to hang out with and that we get to be real-live friends. your cooler and umbrella and sand toys and your general all-around awesomeness were the perfect additions to the day. (ps we should have a chinese take-out date sometime soon.)

Dear Killer Turtle - you are the best failed-double-decker-sandcastle-attempt-turned-into-a-buck-toothed-turtle-crossed-with-a-killer-whale ever. you are welcome for the tasty fish we made for you to eat. i am sorry you are about to be eaten by that shark.

Dear Hubs - thank you for staying home and working on the fireplace room again this weekend so that i could have a fun day at the beach with these amazing girls. you are so good to me. this was just the kind of relaxing, fun-filled day that i needed. i owe you one.

Dear Random Lady on the Beach - thank you for being so kind as to let us interrupt your sun-tanning and gossip-rag reading to take a picture of three awesome ladies having an awesome day at the beach. thank you for understanding how much fun we are and for having fun with us. it's nice to be at the beach with nice people.

Dear God - i can't thank you enough for all of the awesomeness in this day and in my life. i am so blessed to have such fun and awesome best friends, and i'm pretty much convinced that you created friends, and beaches, and friends who love the beach, just for days like this. you are amazing and i don't deserve any of this good stuff, and yet you continue to pour out these blessings into my life. you deserve all the credit and all the glory.

Love Always, Mando.

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Miss Brenda said...

Are you sure this is you and Julie, because I don't see any pictures of your tonsils.