Tuesday, April 16, 2013

a weekend in NY with claire marie.

a sequel.

Sometimes the park can be a lonely place.

And then along comes a friend.
 The kind of friend who shares your sense of style.

You know. The one who gives you a push when you need it...

...But who will just hang by your side even when you don't.

The one who just listens when you need to talk.

The same friend who holds you tight when life takes a downward spiral.

The one friend who will do anything you suggest. Without hesitation.

That friend who knows exactly how to make you laugh.

It's a great day when that friend who thinks the world of you shows up in your world.

i love you Claire Marie. always have. always will.


Miss Brenda said...

Way to make me cry. And smile. How many of those did you have to pose? Love you both bunches.

Amanda said...

the ones on the swings, the slide, and our feet in the air were posed. it was totally Claire's idea :)