Monday, April 8, 2013

meal plan monday: april 8.

when it comes to food, i am SO lazy on the weekends. not about eating it, because i do a lot of that, but definitely about making it. case in point: this weekend, during which i did not cook a single thing that required more effort than boiling a pan of water. and Mark even got that started for me, because just the thought of all the getting-up-off-the-couch that would be required to make dinner was just too much. instead, we ate out once and then survived on leftovers and quick and easy comfort foods the rest of the weekend. not to mention all of the leftover Easter candy.

and some new easter candy that came in the mail.

eh. we survived. and you know what? this week i'm still not feeling motivated to cook anything at all. anyone want to take bets on whether or not we'll make it to next week?

Monday: angel hair with zuchinni and tomato. (recipe)
Tuesday: either a bonfire at Drew's or pasta in jar sauce.
Wednesday: crock pot chicken tacos. (recipe-ish)
Thursday: Meg's fish packets and rice. (recipe)
Friday - Sunday: either a trip to NY, or
  Friday: veggie omelettes with roasted potatoes.
  Saturday: soup from a can.
  Sunday: i dont know. i give up.

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