Tuesday, April 9, 2013

how to paint a tray and maintain your marriage.

this weekend, i got crafty. and it was awesome. before this weekend, i cant even remember the last crafty project that i did: and that is sad. so what better way to get back into a crafting groove than with a simple spraypaint project? i thought it was perfect. it would be quick and easy, and i figured i'd have it done before Mark even got home from his morning softball games and then we could spend all afternoon outside enjoying the beautiful day. does that sound like something you would like? well since i'm in a giving mood, i'll share my process with you in case you are in need of a kick-in-the-crafting-pants this week:

15 Easy Steps to Turn a 2-Hour Project Into a 2-Day Adventure:

1. procure a tray. i got mine for $10 in the clearance section at Joanns. isn't she a beaut? not.

2. prep tray for paint. peel off any protective plastic films, and rough up any shiny surfaces with fine sandpaper. cover any and all parts that you do not want to get painted.

3. prime tray. alternatively, discover that your can of primer is empty, and also that your can of white paint-and-primer-in-one is clogged and is only good for spattering a few drops across the tray and dripping white paint all over your hands. just consider it abstract nail art.

4. paint tray. i picked a non-clogged can of spray paint that i already had in the basement. it took me about 4 coats to cover the weird 'italian' design. remember to allow sufficient drying times between coats. stop taking pictures about this time because you just forgot.

5. seal tray. two coats of already-owned-it clear coat did the trick.

6. let it dry until you cant stand waiting any more.

7. remove protective paper and tape. for most dramatic results, do this step while listening to your husband tell a funny story. be a little distracted and do not notice until too late that the tape has unexpectedly grabbed onto the fresh paint and has peeled off a not-insignificantly-sized bubble of ugliness.

8. get frustrated and upset. this will cause your husband to get upset that you are upset, and possibly say something very insensitive. take that insensitive comment to heart and get even MORE upset. now is the time for yellling and tears and slamming doors.
**pro tip: long drives around the countryside are a nice way to get out of the house and simmer down until you are capable of forming full sentences again made of words with more than four letters.

9. apologize and make up. he didnt really mean it. he's very sorry. look, he even started a new load of laundry to prove it. he's a keeper.

10. go out to dinner. because you can't fix the tray until it dries at least 24 hours, and you really didnt feel like cooking tonight anyway.

11. wait 24 hours. pass the time by watching baseball, reading a book, or starting a new project.

12. sand down any rough spots on the tray. use a very fine sandpaper, then wipe it all down with a damp paper towel to get rid of any dust.

13. repeat steps 2-6.

14. CAREFULLY remove protective paper and tape. take your time. focus. use a razor blade to ensure that the tape is not stuck to the paint anywhere.

15. CELEBRATE!!! the tray looks awesome, no one is ever going to notice those two rough spots on the edges. and bonus! your marriage is still intact! winning!

i had originally thought about painting stripes or a chevron pattern on this tray, but after the headache it has caused me just to get to this point, i think i'll just leave it a nice solid color for now. maybe forever.

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Meg said...

hahahaha. I love the pink, though. It looks awesome and fun. and hooray still intact marriage!