Wednesday, April 3, 2013

unexciting things that excite me to no end.

over the weekend, while the hubs was away at work and working away, i played with his power tools. it wasn't even on my (admittedly rather long) list of things i wanted to accomplish on Saturday. but then all of a sudden i was out running errands, and Lowe's just happened to be right there, and it couldnt hurt to go in and just look, and then all of a sudden i was buying the supplies for a project that i had just now added to the bottom of my day's to do list and was suddenly at the top of my priority list, which needed to get completed just so that i could cross it off.

so what exactly was my fresh, new, very exciting project for the day? closet rods. because the rods in two of the three closets in our ginormous spare/guest bedroom had bit the dust, kind of like this:

which left the floor of our ginormous spare/guest bedroom looking something like this:

 which is to say, completely covered by: a wedding dress, two prom dresses, three homecoming dresses, two bridesmaid dresses, and an unhealthy amount of extra coats which had at one point or another been unceremoniously dumped onto the closet floors because the rods had just done given up.

so while i was at Lowes, i found some replacement closet rods. i spent $20 to buy two rods - one short one, and one long one. i probably could have gotten away with a shorter long one, but since i didnt measure anything before i wandered into the store, and i had zero intentions of driving all the way back out to return the long rod and exchange it for a shorter long rod just to save a few bucks which probably would have just about evened out with the gas money that i would have spent to get there and home again, i was just happy that the rod fit in the closet so i went with it.

i gathered the supplies that i thought i would need, which were the drill, (with a freshly charged battery) a phillips head bit, and the closet rods. and then i read the installation directions on the rods and i re-gathered my supplies to include a drill bit, pencil, and measuring tape. and then i started installing the rods and i gathered another supply, which was the bendable drill extension (kind of like a snake light for drills) that i thought was completely ridiculous when my husband bought it, but without which i could NOT have gotten the drill in the correct position to drive the screws down into the top of the ledger board.

and no, i didnt bother to sand down or paint over the spots where the old broken closet rods used to hang. because this is the inside of a closet in my seldom used guest room that only holds old dresses, unused purses, and the most perfect curtain fabric that at this rate will never actually turn into curtains for my fireplace room. if anyone is looking that closely at the details of this closet, then they can go ahead and judge me. because they're obviously crazy.

i did the exact same thing in the bigger closet: marking holes, drilling pilot holes, and screwing in the new rod. this closet was the less pressing of the two, since it just holds a bunch of Mark's clothing overflow (mostly jeans, athletic pants, and old tshirts) and not all of my pretty dresses, but it still made me happy to have a place to hang all those coats. and it made sense to do both closets at the same time. i didnt time myself, but i would guess it took me less than an hour to hang both rods.

i was so excited about my power-tool-wielding accomplishments that when the hubs got home around 10pm the first words out of my mouth after "welcome HOME!"  were "you will never guess what i did today!" and then i dragged him into the guest room to look at the closets. because some days our life is just that exciting.

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Ms. Havener said...

Next time bring your amazing fabric when you visit... we'll make curtains. :P