Monday, April 22, 2013

meal plan monday: april 22.

i am so over this whole meal planning thing. i know all of the positives about it: less stress at the store, less wasted time in the evenings, and all in all the whole plan doesnt really take all that much time to throw together.

and yet.

i'm tired of the meals i have in rotation, but i'm also too lazy to figure out new ones that require minimal effort and are still reasonably healthy. it just seems like a lot of effort. i guess some days i just need to whine a little about my totally awesome life. it makes no sense. i make no sense. but i guess i'll make at least one more meal plan:

Monday: chicken and veggie quesadillas. (didnt eat them last week.)
Tuesday: fish packets with rice. (recipe)
Wednesday: crock pot meatball subs. (recipe)
Thursday: soup from a can.
Friday: let's eat out.
Saturday: boboli.
Sunday: grilled cheese and tomato soup.

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