Wednesday, April 10, 2013

spring is at our door.

actually, a more accurate statement might be that spring WAS here. for about two and a half days this weekend before summer apparently could not wait any longer to grace us with her presence. temperatures around here have been in the mid- to high-80s all week, and today is forecasted to hit 90 degrees. driving with the windows down and the radio cranked? shorts and tanktops without a jacket? weeknight bonfires? sounds awesome. dont mind if i do. 
since i was not aware of the fleeting-ness of spring this year, instead of spending "springtime" working in my flowerbeds, i spent the weekend elbow-deep in spraypaint and hot glue. so without further ado, may i now present my second project of the weekend: featuring all of the joy of craftiness with none of the marital strife!
isnt it just so springy and bright and simple and fun!?!?!? i know i say this about pretty much all of my projects, but i'm in love. not bad for a cheap wreath form, some twine, and some discount embellishments. not bad at all.
i hung it with ribbon and some fishing line that is looped over a command hook on the inside of the door. i kept the top of the ribbon nice and flat and un-bunched with a little piece of a plastic straw. it hangs relatively straight on its own, so i havent had to resort to using any sticky tack to keep it in place like i did with my fall wreath.

we still have a long way to go before our house is really 'ready' for spring, (ive got plans for the flowerbeds, and for cutting down bushes, and the lawnmower is getting fixed, and the back yard has tons of room for improvement) but having this wreath on the front door makes me feel like we're heading in the right direction. even though there is still a reindeer on our welcome mat. don't judge me. he's adorable.

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