Friday, May 10, 2013

a public service announcement.

last saturday, i made an "emergency" trip to the eye doctor. because my right eye was red and scratchy and irritated and painful and quite frankly it was freakin me out.

the good news: my cornea wasnt scratched or separated or any other number of horrible ailments i had self-diagnosed on my way to the doctor's office. instead, i was a victim of a combination of dry eyes, allergies, and a mild infection caused by my own dumb self.

don't be dumb like me. do not wear your contacts all day every day. do not sleep in your contacts. do not wear the same pair of contacts longer than you are supposed to, even though insurance will only cover HALF of the contacts you need for a year. do not keep using the same contact case you always have. (apparently you should get a new one every 3 months. who knew!?!?. this was totally news to me and i have been wearing contacts for like 10 years) doing these things will cause protein buildup and restrict the flow of oxygen to your eyes. this is bad and can cause infections. and then you will have to put steroid drops in your eye and wear your glasses for a whole week.

save yourself the copay and the frustration and the hulking 'roid eyes and the obnoxiously patronizing lectures from multiple medical professionals and just don't be dumb like me.

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