Wednesday, May 1, 2013

my new favorite.

in case you have all been hoping that one day you would stumble upon the BEST CRAIGSLIST FIND EVER and be the recipient of a giant trophy and a ticker tape parade and a giant celebratory cake for your successes, then i am sorry. i hate to be the one to burst your bubble, but that title has already been taken. by me and my new dresser. (but just between you and me, the cake was a little on the dry side, i have no idea where to put the trophy now, and have you ever had to clean up after a parade like that? what a mess)
but enough about me, LOOK AT THIS DRESSER!

guess how much we paid. go ahead, guess. (no fair guessing if i already told you the answer.) you'll never guess. did you guess thirty? wrong. twenty? wrong again.

ten dollars. just TEN dollars to bring this beauty home.

the only bad thing i have to say about her is that she's got a couple pretty nasty looking stains on the top. i'm keeping my fingers crossed that once everything is sanded down, they will either be gone or at least way less noticable, but if not i can always put some sort of a runner across the top to cover them up. for ten dollars i am not complaining.

i'm not wasting any time on getting this little lovely refinished so i can put her pretty little self to work in the fireplace room. i already have the old finish stripped off (PS CitriStrip is da bomb-diggity!) and all the surfaces have been wiped down with a coat of mineral spirits.

if all goes well, i should be sanding, staining, and sealing this weekend! i am so excited i cant even handle it right now!

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