Tuesday, June 25, 2013

back to reality.

i just want to keep writing about the beach. because not so secretly, i kind of want to live at the beach. i want to be able to wake up every morning and walk there: to feel the wet sand between my toes and listen to the waves crash and watch the seagulls fly. i want to have more pictures to share of waves and sand and my favorite people having fun in the sunshine. i want to live with salty air and perpetual beach hair.

but that's not my life. and it might not ever be. i may be a beach bum at heart, but i live in farm country, where the air is fresh but not at all salty, and i have to put effort into making my hair not look like a tangled wet mess. instead, i've got the smell of fresh cut grass in the air, and hair that is currently stuck in a perpetual state of growing out. for serious - i think this is the slowest my hair has ever grown. when i was getting regular haircuts in an attempt to keep it short, it was all "whee! look at how fast i can grow back! what fun!" and now that i'm actually attempting to grow it out to about chin length, its all "you know? i think i need to slow down and enjoy the ride. i'm just gonna go ahead and hang out here around your ears for a while." the nerve.

but i'm not complaining one bit. i like farm country. i like the life that i am living. and i really like that i get to live it with my husband, who would be less than enthused about living at the beach year-round to say the least. i've got a good thing going here. not perfect by any means, but definitely good.

so for now, i'm done talking about the beach. i've slowly drifted out of vacation mode and i'm finally diving back into real life here in the real world where there is grass to be mowed, projects to be started and finished, and adventures to be had: exciting things like yardwork, rearranging the basement, and fish-countering (among other things). get excited. it's gonna be fun.

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