Monday, June 17, 2013

meal plan monday: eh, screw it.

i'm starting to feel like everything in my life is little more than just good intentions.

yeah, i meant to post a bunch of vacation pictures and i meant to clean the bathrooms and i meant to plan meals for the week and i meant to attempt a gluten-free week and i meant to plant something in the garden sometime this year and i meant to put away all of the clean laundry and i meant to work out more than once in the past two weeks... but i haven't done any of those things.

but i haven't been doing nothing, because i've been busy doing the laundry and washing the dishes and mowing the grass and making dinner and organizing in the basement... so then can someone please explain to me how it is that the laundry is never done and the kitchen is a mess and we have nothing to eat and the house is a disaster and i'm starting another week feeling overwhelmed with all of the undone things that i really truly meant to do? i dont even have any kids to blame it on!

and speaking of kids: i would like to have some. someday. but how in the world can i let myself believe that i am anywhere close to being ready for babies based on my current state of being a textbook case of a giant hot mess?

ugh. even i can't stand my own whining today. and i know that if i dont have a grocery list by the time i get to the store after work today, we'll be in for another week of frozen meals and eating out and me feeling like a failure. so suck it up mando, and act like a grownup just long enough to cobble together a grocery list.

Monday: frozen pizza.
Tuesday: grilled chicken with rice and veggies.
Wednesday: crock pot beef burgundy.
Thursday: fish packets.
Friday: quesadillas.
Saturday: Ed's Birthday Party.
Sunday: burgers? maybe on the grill?

and then when you get home, after you put away the groceries and make and eat dinner, you will NOT just sit on the couch like a bum - you WILL clean those bathrooms. yay!*

*maybe if i say it with enough enthusiasm i can actually believe its really going to happen that way

PS sorry about all the whining. here's a picture of a pretty sunset on the beach to make up for it.

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Ms. Havener said...

I love you and your list inspired me to make fish tonight so- see it's not all in vain. Let's go gluten free together next week.