Tuesday, June 4, 2013

this week's finds.

in addition to a nice sunburn, here is the other stuff i got while yardsailing this weekend:

(items listed kind of clockwise from left)

'kate spade' wallet, tote bag, mini chalkboard, beach chair, blue jar, fisher price phone, volcano canvas, blue mason jar, tiny old medicine jar (with a lid!), mini milk bottle, tall viney glass bottle, mini green trifle dish, wooden folding chair, yellow purse, blue beaded scarf, white shirt, kid's cookbook, old baseball glove, fun tablecloth/blanket, 6 baltimore colts glasses, orioles rug. Total Spent: $50.50

the rug, the glasses, and the beach chair were my big-ticket items this week, at $15, $10, and $5 respectively. but the rug is big, the glasses are collectible, and the beach chair is going to be hella-useful this weekend. i only kind of regret the rug. but it makes Mark so happy, although he thought it should replace the rug in the fireplace room instead of being "banished" to the basement. i respectfully disagreed and took it down to the basement myself.

the real win of the day, hands down, was Nadine's eliptical machine that she scored for $40! and almost as impressive as that deal was the fact that we fit it into the car along with everything else, and then unloaded and reloaded it into Nadine's car to get it home.

as a bonus for you this week, i am having a giveaway! unfortunately for me, my new wallet does not fit in my new purse. so i'm giving the wallet to one of you! its kind of hard to see in the picture, but its a natural tan color with different colored stitching that runs horizontally across it. if i remember, i'll take a better picture of it tonight and add it to this post.

i remembered!

just leave a comment (or two or three) and on Thursday night i will pick a random winner! ooh i'm so excited just thinking about it!

according to random.org (and excluding my own comment) the winner is...
Miss Brenda!!! Congratulations! Expect your prize in the mail sometime after I get back from the beach :) have a happy weekend y'all!


Minnie said...

Wow-I so need a yardsale buddy-come visit me in CA!

Anastasia said...

do more coments mean more chances to win? alternately, you could give the purse away....;)

Amanda said...

Stasi - I could, but I like the purse better and paid twice as much for it. Of course that doesn't really mean much when comparing fifty cents to a dollar :) oh shoot did I just enter my own giveaway?

Miss Brenda said...

Awesome sailing. Didn't get out again this week :(

Minnie said...

I read that as Min (as in my name) was #1!!