Friday, June 14, 2013

just beachy.

since we didnt have a ton of non-rainy time at the actual beach, i spent most of my beach time reading, soaking up rays, freezing in the water, and playing frisbee instead of playing with my camera. 

Mark spent most of his time at the beach wearing a hat, sunglasses, and a long sleeved shirt, seated directly under the umbrella. his goal was twofold: to not get sunburned, but also to not have to put on any sunscreen. he succeeded in not wearing sunscreen (despite much nagging from me) but since he abandoned his shady spot to briefly play frisbee and get his feet wet in the ocean, he brought home a super-awesome souveneir sunburn on his shoulders and the tops of his feet.

i, on the other hand, slathered and reapplied like a good girl who spent all day sunday out in the sun, and all i got to show for it was a couple new freckles and barely even a noticable tan line. 

as of yesterday, we have planned a vacation in August with Mark's family - another long weekend trip to the beach! i am excited to have another beach trip to look forward to, and i think Mark is mostly just resigned to the fact that he is stuck with the reality of being beach-indifferent while being married to a beach-lover. (that would be me! i love the beach!)

before i realized there were water spots on my lens.
ok here's just one more picture of the beach, and then i still have fun pictures of the boardwalk and a lovely sunset to share!
these colors remind me of my mom's beachy sign.

if all goes well, i think i can spend more time posting pictures and talking about vacation than i actually spent ON vacation...

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