Monday, June 24, 2013

meal plan monday: june 24.

ok. let's do this thing. you know, the thing i've probably hinted at vaguely for a while without really fully explaining it because i've been spending all my time overthinking it in my own little head: let's go gluten free. but let's not get crazy, for now its just for a week. just an experiment of sorts for a little bit to see what happens.

miss you already...

there's a history of gluten-sensitivity in my family, and i'm just curious to see what (if anything) not inhaling bagels and pasta and hot dog buns on the reg might change for me. weight loss? less bloating? less lethal flatulence? (there's really no subtle way to say that) hopefully all of those, but maybe none of those. and if nothing else, it made meal planning exciting again, and i've got not one but TWO new recipes in store for this week: check it out!

Monday: roast salmon with salsa, rice, and asparagus. (recipe)
Tuesday: zucchini black bean skillet. (recipe)
Wednesday: crock pot chicken enchilada soup. (from freezer)
Thursday: chicken fried rice. (recipe)
Friday: skillet roasted strip steak with pebre sauce and avocado. (recipe)
Saturday: citrus herb chicken and veggies on the grill.
Sunday: breakfast for dinner: veggie omelettes.

if this gluten free trial period is something we like and becomes a real thing for us in the future, i'm probably going to need to figure out even more new recipes - so dish: do you have any tried-and-true and/or quick-and-easy gluten free meals? please to be sharing!


Meg said...

heyyyy we're going gluten free together this week! :) I'll be curious to know how you do w/out it!

Meg said...

also -- favorite gluten free meals -- buffalo chicken meatloaf, pulled pork, salads. Favorite veggie "fillers" -- cauliflower rice and spaghetti squash.