Monday, February 2, 2015

kitchen diary: week 5, drywall.

Jan. 26 - we put down floor protection and taped plastic up over all the doorways in the hallway to prep for drywall - basement, bathroom, master bedroom, guest bedroom, and hall closet doors. we have to duck down to make it through the basement door, and i get tangled in the bedroom door at least once a day. its like living in a fun-house!

we had to cover each individual door rather than just the opening to the hallway, because not only are all the new walls getting new drywalled, but we are taking this opportunity (while the drywall guy is here and everything is going to be a mess anyway) to cover the swirly textured ceiling that Mark has hated from day one with a nice smooth finish. similar to the process that Mark did in the fireplace room, the ceiling throughout the kitchen, living room, and hallway is getting laminated with a layer of drywall.  once this is done, only the guest bedroom will be sporting the old swirly look. 

Jan. 27 - drywall begins! ceilings go up first, and the walls in the kitchen are covered.  we can no longer see straight through the kitchen wall!

Mark and Amanda discuss and begin to decide on light fixtures, paint colors, and the kitchen faucet. dining room chandelier gets ordered.

Jan. 28 - the rest of the drywall goes up on the walls, and various patches are patched. 

hallway shoes are implemented - designated shoes that are exclusively used for traveling through the hallway between the bedroom and basement. everything is a dusty mess, and the spackle-sand-spackle-sand process hasn't even started yet!

Jan. 29 - all seams, ceiling and walls, get taped and their first coat of spackle. Amanda picks up a color block of the cabinet finish to help compare with flooring, wall colors, etc.

Jan. 30 - more drywall spackle.
Amanda picks up four test pots of paint - one for the hallway color and three for the walls. we've narrowed it down to a light gray for the hallway and kitchen, and some sort of blue-green-teal for the rest of the walls.

Jan. 31 - even more drywall spackle. Amanda forgets to take a panoramic picture with all the seams and screwholes spackled over while it is light outside. she also does not take pictures of the paint samples or the hardwood samples. sorry about that. the dining room chandelier arrives!

its still in the box right now because it will be one of the very last things to be installed, but it feels good to be even just a little bit ahead on something right now, and be thinking about the finishing touches in the midst of the dusty mess.


Miss Brenda said...

love the chandelier love the progress love you

Minnie said...

Looking good!