Monday, February 9, 2015

kitchen diary: week 6, drywall and paint.

Feb. 1 - we talk schedule and budget with contractor/uncle, everything is looking good.  decisions are made about hardwood stain color, paint color, and kitchen faucet.

(the color on the far right is the winner. the gray is for the hallway) 

we discover that our floor tiles are two different sizes (sad trombone).  thankfully, it is a fixable issue with just a little more time/energy investment and i will still be able to have my checkerboard kitchen floor. 

trip to Lowes for kitchen sink pendant light, giant bucket of primer, and space heater for the basement. can't find small, simple light fixtures for the hallway - they just don't make 'em like they used to.

Feb. 2 - realize we bought the wrong pendant light. order the right one, add 'return pendant light' to to-do list. drywall joints all get sanded nice and smooth and pretty.

Feb. 3 - realize we can't get the faucet we like. back to the drawing board on that particular decision. hardwood arrives to hang out and acclimate for a while, and studs get marked. 

Mark and Amanda cut in all the corners of the new drywall and around all the electrical boxes and light-holes with primer. we roll primer on one and a half walls, just to avoid having to dump the extra paint back into the bucket.

(apparently Amanda gets weird when painting late at night) 

Feb. 5 - 3/4" subfloor gets installed in the kitchen, and WE HAVE LIGHTS! most of the cans for the recessed lighting are installed, and about half of them have lightbulbs and it is SO bright i love it!

Mark and Amanda spend the evening finishing up a coat of primer on all of the new drywall on the ceiling and in the hallway and kitchen, and pick a grout color.  


yay for our newfound ability for photography after dark!

more to come to round out the week/weekend, but that deserves a post all its own...

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