Friday, August 6, 2010


(i think that means something to the effect of working around an issue. if that is not really the case, now you know what i want it to mean)

Just in case you would like to see some pictures of what i've been up to lately, i have been fortunate enough to have been surrounded for the past few weekends by people with working cameras. My sister has a picture of my whole family all together. And over at my other sister's blog, you can peruse a whole selection of pictures. i was not a participant in any activites in Altoona or State College, but it gives you a good idea of what kinds of things i've been up to. You can see some of what we did in New York and my bridal shower, and the bike tour, and my new house!!! all things i have pictures of, but are trapped in the trifecta. (although i did just go out and buy a replacement battery charger, so at least i can continue to take pictures!)
enjoy the pictures! and maybe someday i will once again be able to post some of my own...

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